Galveston, TX -- HealthFit U Education Seminars w/ Dr. Mark Cucuzzella & more

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    12 CME (Continuing Medical Education) or contact hours for medical professionals and 10 ProCert hours for Physical Therapists (check your state requirements)
    West Virginia course is 60 miles from Baltimore and closer than you think!
    Galveston close to Houston Intl Airport and metro area.


    We’re happy to announce the HealthFit U courses for fall 2019. I am proud to partner with friends and fitness experts Dr. Phil Maffetone, Jeff Vernon, and Robin Desjardins and have teamed up to bring you the best in education, information, coaching certifications, and continuing education credits.

    HealthFit U can help you build a better, balanced, fat-burning, energized body for optimal performance. We teach gait on the innovative TrueForm Runner for a unique training experience.

    We teach the art and science of health and fitness. Emphasizing maximum aerobic function (MAF), we bring together coaches, health practitioners and the public to help build a healthier world with empowered citizens and athletes.

    We are excited to return to the great city of Galveston, TX on November 2-3 followed by November 16-17 in my hometown of Ranson, West Virginia where we have the nations first minimalist store Two Rivers Treads. We have enjoyed hosting 60 health practitioners, coaches, and runners here each year for the last three years.

    About HealthFit U
    • Certified coaches specializing in endurance, strength, health and corporate.
    • Certifies health practitioners and offers CMEs and other continuing education credits.
    • Is open to anyone seeking better health and fitness, and improved human performance.
    HealthFit U founders Dr. Phil Maffetone and Dr. Mark Cucuzzella have compiled over 100 years of clinical, coaching and lifestyle experiences.

    Whether you’re a recreational or competitive athlete, healthcare professional or fitness coach or trainer, HealthFit U can help you gain more knowledge about muscles and gait, fat-burning, reducing and preventing injuries, balancing hormones, improving brain function, and fine-turning other areas of human performance. Our educational seminars and online presence will lead the way.

    Proceeds from the course support our non profit races and camps at Freedoms Run

    Please check out our HealthFit U website, and get free access to some of our latest educational videos.

    —Dr Mark and The HealthFit U Team

    Feel free to contact me at if questions about the course

    For a fun video of our course click here

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