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    Date: Sun 08/08/10 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM EDT
    Link: Stone Mountain Park

    Please RSVP to me if you plan to go, so we can be on the lookout for you. Once you do, I will give you my cell number, so you can call me should you get lost, be running late, or need to cancel.

    A good place to park is at the parking lot on the side of Confederate Mansion. We can run down Robert E. Lee southeast and connect to The Cherokee Trail at The Nature Garden Trail. The Cherokee Trail at Stone Mountain circles the base of the mountain and winds through the forest and over the granite slab. The ground is covered with pine needles, bark, gravel, granite slab, sand, and dirt. You name it, you get it all here! You will cross over streams and logs, bridges, the rail road, and depending on which path you take to or from The Cherokee Trail, you may cross over the lakes. The Cherokee Trail is five miles long. We are to meet at Stone Mountain's Confederate Mansion at 9:00 a.m. I believe it is number 3 on the map of Stone Mountain. See the links below which also contain other course maps we may be running. There are some general driving directions below as well.

    From the base of the Confederate Mansion, you can walk, hike, and run (if you dare) up the long side of the mountain. The elevation at the top of the mountain is 1,686 feet. You will cover this distance over one mile. The best part is running down the mountain...without stopping. Just be careful you don't slip and fall; it's a bit tricky! The Cherokee Trail at Stone Mountain circles the base of the mountain and runs approx. 5 miles.

    Please note that the cost to get in the park is $10, so have some cash ready. (I think for another $20 you can get a whole season parking pass.) We can plan to park outside of the park and carpool in to save money. I have a parking pass and so does ATL Oso. At 9:00 in the morning during the summer, the trails and asphalt areas shouldn't be hot. Please bring something for your feet if you feel the need though. At any time during the year, you may want to consider carrying some minimalist footwear...just in case. Bring plenty of water as well.

    Let's plan to have lunch afterwards at one of the park restaurants too!

    Map of the Park
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    Hiking Map
    Image | PDF Easy Driving Directions, Close to Downtown Atlanta, Georgia[*]Introduction [*]Map to the Park [*]Map of the Park [*]Attractions Map [*]Crossroads Map [*]Campground Map [*]Hiking Trails Map [*]Written Driving Directions [/list]
    Stone Mountain Park is easy to find. It is located just 16 miles east of downtown Atlanta on US Highway 78. Just take exit 39 B off Interstate 285 and follow Highway 78 east for 8 miles. The main entrance for Stone Mountain Park is exit 8 off of Highway 78.

    Driving directions to Atlanta from Birmingham, Alabama, Chattanooga, Tennessee, Augusta, Georgia and Greenville, South Carolina will provide you with the easiest route to the Park. For specific directions from your location, you can type the following address into your favorite mapping site:

    Highway 78 East
    Stone Mountain, GA 30087 map of the Stone Mountain area.
    Map to Park
    Image | PDF (633 KB)
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    I'm in...

    If anyone is interested in biking to Stone Mountain, I'm leaving from the East Lake MARTA train station @ 7:45AM should take an hour it's about 12 miles...

    Also you save $10

    rachtenb at gmail dot com

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    I'll be there for this one...should be fun !

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