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    Hi, there!

    We are Fyous, a custom-fit footwear solution stepping into a revolutionary footwear concept. One which dismantles a wasteful and constricting high fashion model and positions performance and fits firmly back in the sole of your footwear, and we are here to ask for your feedback as active members of this community. Our process uses the latest technology to scan your foot to have a shoe that feet every contour of your soul…I mean sole, and we are seeking feedback from our target audience so we can understand their needs and aid with our future development. Please note that no personally identifiable information will be asked during this questionnaire.


    Has part of this questionnaire we would like you to create separate scans on both your feet and give us your honest feedback on our process. You will need to download the “Capture” app from the Apple App store and have an iPhone that is newer than the iPhone X series of devices to be able to follow along with our instructional video below. We recommend that you attempt to scan your feet before filling out our questionnaire, and have the results of your scan saved on your phone or to the iCloud ready for submitting.

    If you do not have an Apple device don’t worry, you still can help us by giving us your feedback.
    So come take our first step with us and take this questionnaire!

    Link to form: https://forms.gle/Tv1w4GxDEXTwihF87

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