FUNDRAISER TIME! Say No To Bare Cupboards!

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    BRS Fundraiser_Bare Cupboards_tiny.jpg

    BRS Fundraiser_Bare Cupboards_small.jpg

    Support Your Club [​IMG]


    Dear Friends,

    The Barefoot Runners Society needs your support.

    As you know, the BRS is funded and operated solely by its members. A modest income from advertising and tee shirt sales no longer covers the monthly costs for running and maintaining the site. Barefoot and minimalist running at the BRS is doing quite well. We are still thriving, and so is our site. Site hosting, support, maintenance, enhancements, and upgrades all cost money. In addition, the BRS has other bills that need to be covered, for example, annual reports and filing fees, tax preparation, taxes, etc. Yet, we are committed to keeping the site free.

    The BRS is the most visited barefoot and minimalist running site around because your kindness has enabled it to be #1. In order to maintain the level of quality you have come to appreciate and improve upon the functionality of the site, we need your continued help. Your donations will go far to allow the BRS to reach more potential members and continue to grow.

    Donation Levels:

    $1 - $24 gets you a Pinky Toe (one toe)
    $25 - $49 gets you a Ring Toe (two toes)
    $50 - $74 gets you a Middle Toe (three toes)
    $75 - $99 gets you a Morton's Toe (Yikes!) (four toes)
    $100 + gets you the Big Toe! (five toes)

    We don't want to boast, but we do think we offer our members quite a range of services and content:

    The most active forums going on barefoot and minimalist talk. Learn and grow with other members, new and veteran alike, as you transition to healthy running. We have forums for Barefoot & Minimalist Running; Ultra Running; Ask the Docs; Gear & Footwear; Health, Nutrition, Injuries & Medical Conditions; Mileage Reporting; New Member Introductions; Races & Events; the Barefoot Pub; and more.

    Giveaway Contests:
    Simply post in the contest thread in the Gear & Footwear forum for you chance to win! We have giveaways for all types of minshoes, including Xero Shoes, Vibram FiveFingers, ZEM Shoes, etc. check the site to see what we have scored for you!

    Chapter Clubs:
    Join in on group runs and races with other members in your area, or head up a chapter in your area and arrange meetups.

    Calendar of Events:
    Stay informed on the barefoot and minimalist running, racing, and meetup events taking place around the country, in your area, and where you may be traveling to.

    Ask the Docs Forum:
    We have six doctors (one MD, two Podiatrists, and three Chiropractors) "on-call" to answer your questions about your barefoot and minimalist running and living health.

    Member Map:
    Put yourself on the map, and locate friends and mentors in your area to run with.

    Map of Barefoot-Friendly Doctors & Specialists:
    Find a doctor or specialist near you who won't treat you like an outcast for your running-style, or you can share those barefoot-friendly docs you learn of with the rest of us.

    Map of Barefoot Running Instructors:
    For those who need an extra bit of help and some face-to-face instruction.

    Product Reviews:
    Share your experiences and rate a product you may have tested--gear & footwear--and read what others are saying about products you may be interested in buying.

    Course Reviews:
    Rate a course, trail, or race on barefoot friendliness you have experienced, so others will know what to expect should they want to run it too.

    Home Page News:
    Stay informed on the latest in barefoot and minimalist running and the news that impacts our sport.

    Share your experiences with others or learn more about your friends’ personal triumphs and trials in an all-inclusive place.

    Library (Under Construction):
    Review our Library, fast becoming THE go-to source for academic research and info on the benefits of barefoot and minimalist running, review how-to instructionals, and learn safe transitioning through Barefoot Running 101. (Being added back soon...)

    Mileage Clubs & Mileage Reporting:
    Be inspired and motivated by logging your barefoot and/or minimalist running miles and inspire and motivate others along the way. Earn a merit award at the end of the year to keep as a memento of your hard work and efforts.

    International Barefoot Running DayTM (IBRDTM):
    On the first Sunday in May each year, barefoot runners from all over the world get together to share camaraderie, express unity, and share with the world an alternative, viable way to run.

    Stomp of ApprovalTM Program:
    The BRS’s Stomp of Approval
    TM is given to those individuals, organizations, and running events that show support for barefoot and minimalist running to display on their sites.

    Communicate with other members through private messaging.

    (If you can't find a resource on the site, then it is in the process of being added back.)
    For those who donate monetarily to the BRS, we have a special donor footprint that can be added to your profile's signature which will appear under your posts, so everyone who visits the site will know that you are a contributor to the BRS.

    The BRS is a supportive, international community of barefoot and minimally-shod runners. All donation amounts are truly appreciated. Consider the cost of a pair of shoes that you no longer have to buy. Consider the amount you give to your favorite magazine for a subscription. If you feel the Barefoot Runners Society has enhanced your life and your running experience, please donate by clicking the Donate button below. It's for a good cause, and with your help, we are changing the running world one odd look at a time!

    Support Your Club


    The BRS Mission:
    • To offer resources that unite barefoot and minimalist runners from around the world;
    • To promote barefoot running and minimalist running around the world and at race events as a competitive sport;
    • To educate the running public on the health benefits of barefoot and minimalist running;
    • To dispel the myths associated with barefoot running that negatively impact the sport.

    The Barefoot Runners Society is a running club registered in Georgia as an LLC. We are no longer a non-profit corporation registered in Florida because we no longer have a registered agent living in Florida (which is required to file an Annual Report); the cost to file for federal 501c3 non-profit status at this time is too expensive; and filing corporate taxes are too high. Once we have the funds and the time is right and the purpose warranted, we will work toward filing for federal 501c3 status.

    No one at the Barefoot Runners Society receives a wage and all efforts are voluntary; many of our members volunteer their time in some way or another to support our running club. Some have stepped up to lead a chapter club in their area, some have taken on roles from administering the site, moderating the forums, writing articles, creating artwork, managing the Library, etc., while others have made monetary donations. Every little bit helps to keep our club going and growing. We all must do our part. If the BRS has made an impact in your life and if you believe in what we are doing here and can contribute in some way, we would more than appreciate it. Please locate the Donate Button above or email for more info on how you can help your club.

    Financial Summaries for the previous years can be found here:

    BIG THANKS to Bjorn Foten for stepping up to create this very clever slogan and artwork! We appreciate you, Bjorn!

    More info about donations/purchases on or through the site can be found here:
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    Thanks for all your hard work on the site!

    Everybody reading this: you guys should donate. Srsly. It's cool. Everybody's doing it. Don't be left out.
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    I donated! Thanks TJ for all your hard work! We all appreciate it.
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