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    This information was shared by BFWendyBird under the Races & Events forum:

    Check this out! Here is the email I recieved:


    Pete gave me your email so I could send you a link to this race:'re hoping to run the 1/2 marathon. It would be nice to have some barefoot company. Toward that end, would you be kind enough to post and share the link with your extensive network of barefoot runners. I and the race director, whom I have met and who is a barefoot-friendly Newton-wearer, would greatly appreciate it.


    Looks like it will be a beautiful race, I'm so sorry we will move before I have a chance to run it!
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     I'd love to do this! West

    I'd love to do this! West Virginia is a bit of a drive, but maybe I could take a few days and do some sight seeing, hiking, and camping on the way up there! I'll keep this race in mind.

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