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Discussion in 'Chapters' started by murls, Mar 25, 2014.

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    I was just reading the latest copy of the FitnessFirst magazine and it had a piece on some new research done by Luke Kelly. I don't have access to the published work but the article refers to injuries caused by running shoes not allowing the critical foot muscles to activate. I wish had clear before and after photos because I am certain the muscles in my feet are very different now from when I was wearing shoes. It's like they have been working out at the gym.

    Does anyone else have any thoughts on muscle growth / strength in your feet from the switch to barefoot?

    I have emailed Luke to see if he would be kind enough to answer some questions about his research from a barefoot perspective. I should also mention he is a podiatrist and I have no idea where he stands on shod vs unshod.

    Anyway, will let you know if I hear back from him.

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    Hi Murls,
    I should have taken photos of my feet at the beginning as well to see the changes that occurred. I know they are far more sinewy now and far stronger than they were at the begining. I remember how tender they used to be when I ran home from work along the river, they used to look rubbed raw underneath. I just did a similar run tonight of around 12km and the ground just tickled my feet this time. I also remember I used to have a very stiff big toe on my left foot, I could hardly bend it without a lot of pain. I think that was caused by the running shoes and orthotics. Now I can bend the toe without any problem.

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    Same here...Only thing I can say, is that I do not fit in 'old' shoes. I had to buy a new pair with a larger toe box :eek:
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    Oh indeed!!! In fact, it was laying my hands on a barefoot runners feet that ultimately led me to switch to barefoot!!
    A friend's brother and sister in law came into the clinic last year, for a tune up before tackling the Glasshouse 100. Before Geordie hopped ont he table she said "look I have to tell you, I run in sandals"
    Okaaaay then - no idea what "sandals" were :confused:
    As soon as I touched her feet it was all I could do not to squeal out loud and dance around the room asking "Can I phone a friend??????"
    Those feet were like NOTHING else I had ever felt before in 11 years of sports soft tissue therapy etc. Not in a bad, yucky calloused cracked and revolting way.
    Oh no....these feet were so strong, so solid yet so flexible, with amazing amount of smooth hard padding on balls and heels and an incredible strong thick arch section. The fascia was so even and connected right through the ankle, ankles were very different too, a bit thicker and structured through the soft tissue etc.
    So whilst not entirely "barefoot", but minimalist to the core, and tackling distances of 100 km +.... to me those feet finally let me see and feel what our feet should feel like as nature intended them. And what a far cry from the other 99.9 % of feet I see, many belonging to very accomplished runners and triathletes with years of training and kms logged.......
    Truly inspiring!!!!!!

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