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Discussion in 'Chapters' started by Warren Dickey, Oct 18, 2011.

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    Date: Sun 10/23/11 1:00 AM - 2:00 AM EDT

    To All,

    As it currently stands we'll conduct the October meet-up as we have in the past. Parking in the dirt lot on the corner. As before, we'll grab something to eat afterward if there is interest. I'll look for somewhere that might have more room rather than the small diner we went to last time. If I can't find anything else close we'll go to the same place as before.

    In the spirit of Halloween I was thinking we should do a costumed three-mile barefoot run. Originally I was thinking of getting some media coverage but it's probably coming up too fast for that. I'm interested in what everyone else thinks. I was considering going as a Spartan soldier, complete with helmet, sword and spear. Obviously your costume would have to be something you can barefoot or minimally run in.

    Who: All skill levels of Tampa Chapter BRS barefoot/minimalist runners

    What: Meet and Greet followed by a short clinic if we have new folks then an easy 3-mile run

    When: 0900-1030, 22 October (Saturday)

    Where: Corner of Bay-To-Bay Blvd and Bayshore Blvd

    Keep It Bare,

    Warren Dickey

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