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Discussion in 'Chapters' started by Warren Dickey, Nov 8, 2011.

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    Date: Sat 11/26/11 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM EST

    To All,
    The meetup this month will on 26 Nov. We'll meet at the same location at the same time. The corner of Bay-To-Bay and Bayshore Blvd at 0900.

    I considered doing the meetup on the 19th but there are already two other barefoot events going that day that folks might want to participate in. I'll mention those below along with links so you can check out the info on them.I know having a meetup on the 26th may impose some difficulty for some folks that may be traveling for Thanksgiving or have family in town but I don't want to mess with the 19th. Besides, for those of us that are available, it would be a good opportunity to work off those huge Thanksgiving dinners. :)

    On 19 Nov are two barefoot-friendly events. One event is a Barefoot Fun Run north of Orlando and the other is the Beach Running World Championships. The second event has a Barefoot runner Division. I ran the first event last year and met up with some of the BRS folks from the St. Augustine chapter. Michael Sandler, author of "Barefoot Running", does a barefoot running clinic then folks run a barefoot 5K following the clinic. It was fun last year to be around so many barefoot runners and to see Michael Sandler in action. It was also fun to meet up with the BRS members from Jacksonville and St. Augustine. If we end up with a group of BRS folks this year maybe we could all go to lunch together after it's over. Or at least socialize a bit once it's concluded.

    Either way I'm probably going to the Barefoot Fun Run. If anyone from the Tampa or Siesta Key Chapters want to get in on the run we could carpool together. It will take about two hours to get to the Seminole State Forest where it's being run so it would behoove us to ride together to save gas and so some folks can snooze since we'd have to leave at around 0600 to make it for Michael Sandlers clinic. I'm an early riser so this is no issue for me and I'm happy to drive if folks want to attend. My Ford Expedition can hold 8 people...six very comfortably. I'll send out another notification asking who might be interested via a separate message.

    Barefoot Fun Run: http://www.barefootfunrun.com/barefoot-race-details.html

    Beach Running World Championships: http://www.runonthebeach.com/

    Keep It Bare,

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