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    Welcome everyone, to the United Kingdom Chapter of Barefoot Running.

    I have been running on and off since 1990 when I was trying to get in to Nottinghamshire Fire Service. Since then I have done several Tough Guy events and a couple of the Helly Hanson series of adventure races. Although I have ran a half marathon distance, I have never done an official half marathon race and this was back when i was wearing shoes.

    I have been doing the barefoot thing since the spring this year. I started out at half a mile, waited for my calfs to stop hurting (a good few days)and then did a mile the next time. It has taken about 12 outings to get to the point where I can now do 5 miles. Calfs still hurt after.

    I do feel lighter on my feet with not slamming my heel in to the floor. Padding along on the balls of my feet, not making a sound.

    Suffered my first cut on Monday. A little nick at the base of my little toe. Got home and washed it out, sealed it up with a drop of super glue and went back to work.

    On a slightly different note. I am in touch with Michael Sandler author of "Barefoot Running". I am trying to get him to come over to the UK to do some workshops and book signing. If you have any ideas on how I might achieve this please let me know. I will also be looking to organise runs, meet-ups and other stuff. Please get back to me with a bit about yourself and your location in the UK.



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