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    I am recently the president of the Indiana chapter here, so as the new guy.

    I want to go ahead and try to get started with the first of monthly meets for our chapter; at South Eastway Park just outside Indianapolis. Probably be the 3rd Saturday for future months; and same time although the venue may change.

    Date and time:

    Saturday Jan 21 at 10:00 Am till 1:00.

    There are Porto lets and picnic areas. Drinking fountains may not be on, and weather is always questionable this time of year but I will be there. Of course one greet thing about it is the park is 100% free and has both earthen trails and paved. approx 3k paved and 1-1/2 mile earthen path. (see attached photos) Some local cross country teams train there.

    Southeatway Park is at:

    5624 South Carroll Road

    New Palestine, IN 46163

    Please please let me know if you have any ideas about other activities and locations. I have heard no other suggestions so rather than not start we will start here.

    I want to hold free clinics if you have any interest in that type of event anywhere in the state.

    Feel free to contact me

    Hope to see you there and I really do love my barefoot runs.


    P.S. you don't have to get muddy on the trails (LOL) but I guess I don't mind and it does reveal that the trails are earthen, which is a rare find these days.

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