First 5K, Barefoot - AFC 5K Race Report By Cali Girl

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    AFC 5K Race ReportA First 5K, BarefootBy Cali GirlWell, I did it! I met my goal of finishing a 5k this year. Getting healthier was a promise I made to my mom, who passed away of a massive heart attack last year at the age of 59, so this was sort of big for me even though I didn't do it extremely well with a time of 37:20. But... I still feel completely accomplished!I haven't run at all in about a week and a half. My last post about the hills killing me was so very true. I think it is the downhill. I need to learn to do it with a lighter landing as I ended up with TOFP in both feet, 5th metatarsal that got pretty uncomfortable on the left foot. I was worried I was going to end up with a stress fracture and so stopped running and walked for the last 10 days or so instead.I made the 2 hour drive to San Diego yesterday evening to pick up my bib and stuff and slept on a friend's couch. Then got up bright and early to head to Balboa Park. I was a bit nervous as I had absolutely no clue what in the world I was doing. My friend went with me to cheer me on, and it was nearly immediately evident that there weren't really any other barefooters out there; they must have been running the half. I got a bunch of odd looks and a few questions and comments, but nothing rude or obnoxious, which I was very glad for.I didn't eat anything before hand and sipped a bit of Lifewater Zero while waiting for line up time. People were running and stretching and hanging out in groups doing warm up stuff. My friend and I sat on the curb and watched. I only have so much energy, and I didn't want to waste it warming up. lolWhen they called to line up, I moseyed on over to the back, outside edge of the pack and talked with a few others around me who were also running a race for the first time. Very nice people. And then we were off.I worked hard to keep a nice slow pace, since I'm not up to anything more just yet. I find pacing myself to be one of my biggest challenges, but I think I did ok. There was a downhill then uphill area. I slowed way down going down so as not to irritate my foot and then had to walk half of the uphill. I was a bit annoyed at myself due to that, but once I reached the top, I just shook the annoyance off and picked back up. I was not out to win anything, only finish what I started with my mom in mind.With about half a mile left, I was starting to get tired. I haven't run three miles since my move six weeks ago. My savior came in the form of a woman who kept a slow and steady pace. I followed her in for the last half mile and then thanked her profusely explaining that I was new to running, and her pace had really helped me out. When I saw the finish line, I got a bit teary. I did it, started what hopefully becomes a lifelong commitment of improved health, a promise kept, a new way of life that will hopefully be passed on to my own children, so they don't have to ever make the choice to remove a loved one from life support when making better life choices could have prevented such pain.I didn't get to stay for any of the post race festivities, but maybe next time. Now I'm ready for a nap. lol

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