Featured Meetup for October - Barefoot Runners Society - Minnesota Chapter - By SayPay45

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    Featured Meetup for October
    Barefoot Runners Society - Minnesota Chapter
    By SayPay45

    In this photo (from left to right) are BRS - Minnesota members Lyle Lange (who poses the same in every group run picture),LeAnn and Dave Gunderson (the happy barefoot family), Christian Peterson (the freakishly tall one in the back), Skyalmian Alcyone (aka Justin, being darked out by the shadow of his freakishly tall barefoot leader), Katie Button-Swenson (with awesomely supportive Zensah calf sleeves), Mary McPartlin (equip with awesome huaraches), and Dave Pollitt (our new graphic designer, whether he knows it or not).

    We had fantastic people, fantastic weather, and fantastic scenery for the October Group Run last Saturday at the Cannon Valley Trail in Cannon Falls. A larger than expectedgroup of eight people gathered for a spirited eight mile run.

    As an added bonus, we were joined on this adventure by St. Cloud State Unversity journalism student,and BRS-MN facebook memberJillZimmerman. Jill filmed the group running and also interviewed severalof our members for a short documentary that will be on YouTube shortly. Links tothevideo to follow!Jill was so inspired by our group run that she kicked off her shoes later that day and ran around the block. Good work Jill!

    The Cannon Valley Trail is a 20 mile smooth blacktop trail that goes from downtown Cannon Fallsto Red Wing, Minnesota. Located only 45 minutes from the Twin Cities, it was an easy drive for everyone. Even the more novice barefooters among the group had no trouble navigating the running surface.

    After Jill completed someinterviews, the group started down the trail at a comfortable 11:00 min/mile pace. Along the way the trail treated runners to scenic views of the Cannon River, which runs along side the trail for its entirety. Temps were in the mid 60s, making it perfect weather for a run. After testing the surface, most runners decided to go barefoot. However, we had a collection of minimalist footwear as well, including invisible shoe huaraches, Vibram KSOs, and some good old water shoes.

    We had originally expected the group to get in a 4-6 mile run, but at the 3 mile mark nobody had gone far enough. Some runners turned back, but most charged forward for a total of 8 miles. What a great way to spend a beautiful Saturday afternoon!

    We are planning our next scheduled group run on November 13, 2010, in the afternoon to hopefully get another one in before the weather gets cold. Check that out, as well as a possible barefoot running seminar around the same time! Stay tuned...
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    Ah, no, I don't think so...on both accounts! Ptttth! -TJ
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