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    Date Reviewed: 11/12/2011
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    Barefoot Friendliness: 4 Below Average

    Topsail Hill State Park Preserve
    7525 W. Co. Hwy. 30-A
    Santa Rosa Beach, FL
    See map: Google Maps

    Advanced barefooters ONLY! If you are minimally shod you should be fine. Short gaiters or tall socks are recommended since the grass can be knee-high in places and the trail is a combination of duff, sand, pine needles, and occasional areas of crushed stone. This is a nice loopy trail that takes you through areas of restored longleaf pines, saw palmetto thickets, some upland hardwood hammocks, and up into the dunes. Watch out for stinging nettles and sand spurs. I do not recommend the dune part, which is the western end of the trail, if you are fully barefoot. There are often deer and almost always interesting birds out here. It is pretty peaceful but you may run into other hikers and runners. There is one trash can near the lake. There are no facilities. Carry a cell phone or be prepared to self-rescue out here if you injure yourself.

    Please remember that this is Florida and there are venomous snakes, chiggers, fleas, ticks, sand spurs, fire ants, prickly pear, venomous spiders, Africanized honey bees, scorpions, alligators, sting rays, sharks, jellies, etc. Presently there is a $6 park entry fee for cars. It may be less for cyclists or runners, but I am not sure so call (850) 267-0299 to find out. I think you may be able to get in for half price an hour before sunset, but again not sure.

    I took some liberties with this map to show the main trail. I got it from here: . It's "A Guide to Hiking and Biking". Download the PDF if you want to see the rest of the trails.


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