DE/Newark - Dr. Irene Davis to discuss barefoot running as part of UDLAPS series

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    Date: Thu 12/02/10 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM EST
    Link: Davis to discuss barefoot running as part of UDLAPS series
    Dec. 2: Davis to discuss barefoot running as part of UDLAPS series105 East Main Street
    University of Delaware
    Newark, DE 19716The University of Delaware Library announces that Irene Davis, professor in the Department of Physical Therapy and director of the Running Research Laboratory, will present “Barefoot Running: Treading Softly to Good Health” at noon on Thursday, Dec. 2, in the Class of 1941 Lecture Room in the Morris Library.The talk is part of the University of Delaware Assembly of Professional Staff (UDLAPS) Scholar and the Library Series. The brown-bag luncheon program with light refreshments is open to the public.Davis' research on foot strike kinematics was reported earlier this year in a UDaily article, particularly noting the paper she co-authored, “Foot Strike Patterns and Collision Forces in Habitually Barefoot Versus Shod Runners,” published in the Jan. 28 edition of Nature.The research examined how modern cushioned running shoes affect foot strike patterns and the relationship to injuries such as tibial stress fractures and plantar fasciitis.The paper is noteworthy for the interdisciplinary collaboration of researchers as well as the attention it has received in the popular media. Athletes and non-athletes alike are interested in avoiding the pain associated with foot injuries.Davis will discuss a changing paradigm in the way people think about footstrikes, footwear and treatment of the foot.

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