Cracking tendon in left ankle

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    Sep 11, 2018
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    Hello everyone,

    Some time ago (around 4 months ago), I made the mistake of full-out running in my VFFs for a long duration without proper form, and for way too long.

    Next two days I have crazy sore calves, and then, while walking for long distances, I start to notice that my left ankle starts "cracking" or "snapping" when I walk, and then really bad pain ensues, and I have trouble walking.

    The next two months, I have peroneal tendonitis, and what I'm positive is also subluxation. I've seen the doctor only to be prescribed pain-killers and being told to rest.

    Today I don't have pain, but I do notice my ankle cracking, and some days, I feel that the ankle might be flairing up with small amounts of pain. I REALLY love barefoot walking, and my Vivobarefoot shoes, and want to run barefoot again, but I'm scared that I'll need to see a specialist and have surgery done.

    Has anyone had issues with peroneal subluxation? I am scared of surgery and not sure what it will do in the future for me in case I want to run marathons or ultras. Is it possible to do exercises/yoga to strengthen those muscles without needing surgery?

    Would I be doing my feet a disservice by going back to conventional shoes?

    Would love to hear any advice or tips on posture or exercises. I'm going on a youtube marathon because I badly want to run as it is great for my type 1 diabetes. BONUS: I live in the Netherlands, so if anybody knows a good doctor thats barefoot friendly, I would LOVE to know them.

    Thanks everyone,

  2. Jon from PDX

    Jon from PDX
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    1. Oregon

    Jul 19, 2018
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    Ouch. I’m sorry to hear about your ankle.

    There’s an “ask the docs” forum here where you could repost your question and be more likely to get an answer from somebody who knows what they’re talking about, rathen than from people like me who just want to know what we’re talking about. :)

    In the meantime, my advice would just be to trust your pain. If going for moderate walks is comfortable, but something bad starts happening on long walks, then don’t go for long walks for a while. Go ahead and try walking in conventional shoes, and maybe also try a few short walks without any shoes at all, and trust that your body will tell you what’s best if you can quiet your mind enough to listen.

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery.
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  3. Johnson Murray

    Johnson Murray
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    Jan 23, 2019
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    'Ask the docs' section is incredibly valuable for you right now. Also, do meet with your physician too if possible. It helps a lot in situations like this.
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