Concurrent Strength & Endurance Training 2020: Cycle VI

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    Assessment of last cycle. As soon as last cycle began, I had already changed my idea about how to approach it. I decided to simplify my routine even more, to a flat 3x3 (sets x reps) protocol for all lifts, still using the Iron Ratio and System of Percentages (which are embedded in the Excel chart below, and generate its values). This change seemed to help me regain some motivation. I really like the idea of approaching the bar and just doing three quick reps per set. Minimal mental agony. Plus it's now a pure strength routine, which suits my purpose. I think I may also try to do each lift's successive worksets a bit more explosively.

    Then I went on vacation, but the new routine still seemed viable when I got back. Then it occurred to me that it might still be useful to deload a bit, to make sure I'm doing three sets of everything, and also make sure my shoulders are OK with the proportionately heavier upper body lifts. So I bailed on Cycle V after the fourth week, and decided to start Cycle VI where Cycle V's fifth week normally would be (week of 9/6). Since the year always ends with a shorter, four-week cycle anyway, it will all still work out the same and I'll start the New Year with a new cycle. In the meantime, I have two complete 8-week cycles to finish out the year.

    Goals for this cycle. I will continue with the new 3 x 3 @ 90% 1RM protocol for all six lifts. Of course, if everything is 3x3, it's kind of hard to say what the real projected 1RM for any one lift should be, since there's no longer any true base, just the static load ratios between lifts. Nonetheless, perceptually, everything should feel about 90% effort level, and that was the case in Cycle V.

    I've also raised the ratio of the Deadlift to the Squat, to the more conventional 5:4, instead of my previous 4.64:4, which I lowered for the Deadlift due my muscle pull five years ago or so. But after another five years of (on and off again) lifting, I think I can assume that everything is in order, so I can implement the standard ratios of 2:3:4:5 for the Overhead Press, Bench Press, Squat, and Deadlift, respectively. It's kind of satisfying for my inner numerologist to geek out when they all line up in my chart, especially when the Squat is exactly twice the weight of the Overhead Press.

    In the chart, I'm starting with Week One in the first (non-calendrical) cycle of training, all based on a Squat 1RM of 250. There are only six 8-week cycles altogether, and I only have complete confidence in the first four actually being feasible. I'll try for the fifth cycle, and I think I can make it though at least part of it, but the sixth cycle's loads are probably too much at my age. Of course, as I progress, I may have to slow the rate of loading. Right now it's three pounds per week added onto the Squat 1RM. That's 24 pounds per cycle.

    All the 45-pound- and 25-pound-plate milestones are highlighted in yellow, along with the powerlifting total of 1000 pounds (SQ 1RM + BP 1RM + DL 1RM = 1000). I will still probably avoid testing the 1RM projections however, so they remain hypothetical. So the real milestones will be the 45-pound- and 25-pound-plate milestones at 3RM.

    If the Deadlift starts to feel too heavy at 5 units, I can always bring it back down to something like 4.8 or 4.6 units, or alternatively, I can load it one pound per workout like I do for the Squat. I do like the idea of getting to a 405 1RM a bit sooner. I think I've read that as strength increases, the Squat does tend to get stronger in relation to the Deadlift, but that may only be for elite and/or geared powerlifters, or lifters with shorter limbs. Also, my shoulder blades have felt a bit tight on the Overhead Press lately, so perhaps making the back a bit stronger in proportion to the front will help support the presses.

    Cycle 1-3.3x3.20.09.jpg

    Cycle 4-6.3x3.20.09.jpg

    For the aerobic component, I will continue with the puppy walks and sporadic rowing and Airdyne work. Hopefully, I'll motivate to start cycling again on my non-lifting days, or do some sled work finally. But in the beginning of the cycle, my focus will be on establishing the new(ish) 3x3 lifting routine.

    ---------------Week 1: Cycle VI---------------

    Sunday, 20.09.06
    2 mi. walk with pup and daughter.

    Monday, 20.09.07
    Opps, seasonal allergies to start the cycle.

    Tuesday, 20.09.08

    Wednesday, 20.09.09
    Lifting: Push & Pull
    SQ: 3 x 3 @ 226
    OP: 3 x 3 @ 113
    DL: 3 x 3 @ 282
    PD: 3 x 3 @ 170
    RW: 3 x 3 @ 135
    BP: 3 x 3 @ 135

    Thursday, 20.09.10

    Friday, 20.09.11
    Lifting: Push & Pull
    BP: 3 x 3 @ 170
    SQ: 3 x 3 @ 227
    OP: 3 x 3 @ 113
    DL: 3 x 3 @ 284
    PD: 3 x 3 @ 170
    RW: 3 x 3 @ 156

    Saturday, 20.09.12
    1 mi. walk with pup and kids.

    ---------------Week 2: Cycle VI---------------

    Sunday, 20.09.13
    1 mi. walk with pup and son.

    Lifting: Push & Pull

    SQ: 3 x 3 @ 228
    OP: 3 x 3 @ 114
    DL: 3 x 3 @ 285
    PD: 3 x 3 @ 170
    RW: 3 x 3 @ 157
    BP: 3 x 3 @ 171

    I've found it helps my left shoulder tightness on the Overhead Press if I ease out/down from under the bar when I return it to the J-hooks, instead of setting it down quickly and getting out from under it.

    Monday, 20.09.14

    Tuesday, 20.09.15
    1.5 mi. walk with family and pup in state park.

    Wednesday, 20.09.16
    1.6 mi. walk with pup and son on errands.

    Lifting: Push & Pull

    SQ: 3 x 3 @ 229
    OP: 3 x 3 @ 114

    Thursday, 20.09.17

    Friday, 20.09.18
    22 mins Rowing.

    Hmmn, thinking about just adding one pound to my Squat 3RM every week. I'm enjoying easy. Perhaps that will help me get more serious about the conditioning too, get my mind off the gains . . . .

    Saturday, 20.09.19

    ---------------Week 3: Cycle VI---------------

    Sunday, 20.09.20

    Monday, 20.09.21

    Tuesday, 20.09.22

    Wednesday, 20.09.23

    Thursday, 20.09.24

    Friday, 20.09.25

    Saturday, 20.09.26

    ---------------Week 4: Cycle VI---------------

    Sunday, 20.09.27

    Monday, 20.09.28

    Tuesday, 20.09.29

    Wednesday, 20.09.30

    Thursday, 20.10.01

    Friday, 20.10.02

    Saturday, 20.10.03

    ---------------Week 5: Cycle VI---------------

    Sunday, 20.10.04

    Monday, 20.10.05

    Tuesday, 20.10.06

    Wednesday, 20.10.07

    Thursday, 20.10.08

    Friday, 20.10.09

    Saturday, 20.10.10

    ---------------Week 6: Cycle VI---------------

    Sunday, 20.10.11

    Monday, 20.10.12

    Tuesday, 20.10.13

    Wednesday, 20.10.14

    Thursday, 20.10.15

    Friday, 20.10.16

    Saturday, 20.10.17

    ---------------Week 7: Cycle VI---------------

    Sunday, 20.10.18

    Monday, 20.10.19

    Tuesday, 20.10.20

    Wednesday, 20.10.21

    Thursday, 20.10.22

    Friday, 20.10.23

    Saturday, 20.10.24

    ---------------Week 8: Cycle VI---------------

    Sunday, 20.10.25

    Monday, 20.10.26

    Tuesday, 20.10.27

    Wednesday, 20.10.28

    Thursday, 20.10.29

    Friday, 20.10.30

    Saturday, 20.10.31
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