Concurrent Strength & Endurance Training 2020: Cycle I

Discussion in 'Training Information/Training Regimens' started by Bare Lee, Dec 26, 2019.

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    Ah thanks for the goblet squats idea, I have been trying to think of a way to make my warmup morning squats more difficult without performing more reps. Goblet squats are the perfect solution. It was interesting this morning how much 8kg increases the challenge. Strangely I still had some minor discomfort in my lower back even with slightly weighted goblet squats. Which I don't feel at all without weight. I wonder with high reps and low weight over time might eventually limit the pain?

    The ab idea was on recommendation of a chiropractor a while back to help with the back pain. His stretching recommendation is working for my ankle and I figure direct ab work won't hurt anything. I'm planning on testing front squats on Sunday to see if they are painful. I was also considering doing lighter and higher reps for now too, develop the form then work on the weight.

    I guess this will be the last post on this cycle! We made it a full one in 2020!
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    Yah, well, good luck on the squat experiments. At least you know you can always fall back to bodyweight squats and deadlifts. That's plenty for general fitness, right?

    Yah, I should end each workout with some ab rollouts, or the hanging knee-up. I'm not sure if any ab work is necessary, I think it may be mostly diet. I like to tell people that I have six-pack abs too, it's just that the six-pack is insulated in a cooler.

    Yah, we both made some progress this cycle, and it's good to have that old dialogue back. The lightheadedness seems to be getting better with more regular exercise. And I think the AM aerobic/PM lifting could be a winner, although I only really got to it towards the end.

    I rested Friday in anticipation of moving three bookcases and their books today. Good aerobic conditioning with some light farmer's walk-type postural work as well! More tomorrow, then hopefully onto Cycle I without fail on Monday.
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