Concurrent Strength & Endurance Training 2019: Cycle IV

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    Assessment of last cycle: Struggled to find any kind of consistency. Last two weeks of the cycle were spent on yardwork, fixing up house, purging massive amounts of old and rotting crap I inherited from my dad (six pickup loads to the dump--5000 pounds!), all of which counted as a different kind of workout, so I blew off my regular routine completely. It was enough to tire me and make me sore, and it also made my knees a bit sore or cranky at times. Reminded me of how well I normally manage my knees.

    Plan for this cycle: Try to get back to a simple EOD routine alternating between lifting on one day, and cycling or doing conditioning work on the other. Alternatively, try an ED split between aerobic in the morning and lifting/conditioning in the afternoon. Whatever works. I'm prioritizing losing weight and fitness over strength gains.

    The lifting will be simply progressively loading the six main bilateral, compound-joint lifts: the five barbell lifts (Squat, Bench Press, Overhead Press, Deadlift, Row) plus Pulldown/Chinups. I might start super light in order to rebuild my work capacity, but also to better focus on the aerobic/conditioning, which will mostly be riding my bike when it's nice out, and when it's not, trying to do conditioning or indoor aerobic work on the Airdyne and Concept II Rower, or some sled work.

    I've also simplified my Excel Sheet loading scheme somewhat. I'm still following my Iron Ratio, but I think I will do Squats at five reps too, and then I've put the Deadlifts back on a simple 5:4 ratio to the squats, but will continue to do them in three-rep sets.

    Hoping Abide makes a comeback . . .

    ---------------Week 1: Cycle IV---------------

    Sunday, 19.06.16

    Monday, 19.06.17

    Tuesday, 19.06.18

    Wednesday, 19.06.19

    Thursday, 19.06.20

    Friday, 19.06.21

    Saturday, 19.06.22

    ---------------Week 2: Cycle IV---------------

    Sunday, 19.06.23

    Monday, 19.06.24

    Tuesday, 19.06.25

    Wednesday, 19.06.26

    Thursday, 19.06.27

    Friday, 19.06.28

    Saturday, 19.06.29

    ---------------Week 3: Cycle IV---------------

    Sunday, 19.06.30

    Monday, 19.07.01

    Tuesday, 19.07.02

    Wednesday, 19.07.03

    Thursday, 19.07.04

    Friday, 19.07.05

    Saturday, 19.07.06

    ---------------Week 4: Cycle IV---------------

    Sunday, 19.07.07

    Monday, 19.07.08

    Tuesday, 19.07.09

    Wednesday, 19.07.10

    Thursday, 19.07.11

    Friday, 19.07.12

    Saturday, 19.07.13

    ---------------Week 5: Cycle IV---------------

    Sunday, 19.07.14

    Monday, 19.07.15

    Tuesday, 19.07.16

    Wednesday, 19.07.17

    Thursday, 19.07.18

    Friday, 19.07.19

    Saturday, 19.07.20

    ---------------Week 6: Cycle IV---------------

    Sunday, 19.07.21

    Monday, 19.07.22

    Tuesday, 19.07.23

    Wednesday, 19.07.24

    Thursday, 19.07.25

    Friday, 19.07.26

    Saturday, 19.07.27

    ---------------Week 7: Cycle IV---------------

    Sunday, 19.07.28

    Monday, 19.07.29

    Tuesday, 19.07.30

    Wednesday, 19.07.31

    Thursday, 19.08.01

    Friday, 19.08.02

    Saturday, 19.08.03

    ---------------Week 8: Cycle IV---------------

    Sunday, 19.08.04

    Monday, 19.08.05

    Tuesday, 19.08.06

    Wednesday, 19.08.07

    Thursday, 19.08.08

    Friday, 19.08.09

    Saturday, 19.08.10
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    Wow Lee, are you still doing this? The tenacity :)

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