College of William and Mary’s Batefoot Club

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    Walking a mile in someone else’s shoes (or lack thereof): Members of the College of William and Mary’s newest club discuss the benefits, challenges of the barefoot lifestyle on campus
    By Ellie Kurlander and Daniel Posthumus, Flat Hat News

    Have you ever wondered what it’s like to walk in someone else’s shoes, or lack thereof? If this question has ever danced across your mind, the Barefoot Club might be for you.

    On a cool October evening by the Sunken Garden’s steps, students gathered around for the Barefoot Club’s second meeting of the semester. The co-founder, Jacob Hall ’22, stood at the head of the circle, greeting each prospective member like an old friend. Both founders, Hall and Emily O’Keefe ’23, were already barefoot, and had been all day. They live the barefoot lifestyle, only putting on shoes when absolutely necessary. Some of the newcomers don’t hesitate to shed their Docs, sneakers and sandals while others look around for confirmation they’re not alone before taking the plunge.

    Within minutes of the meeting’s start, the awkward silences were replaced by a strong sense of community and openness. Hall and O’Keefe made instant connections with old and new members alike, bonding over barefooting and non-barefooting topics.

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    I actually follow them on Instagram and a lot of the members follow me too
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