Cold wet run + warm shower = OUCH!

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    Hi folks,

    I thought I would throw this one out there in the hope that some of our polar bear types would be able to offer some insight. In the last few weeks, I've been running early in the morning, with the temperature between 5 and 7C (40-45F), and usually on wet concrete surfaces and some wet grassy sections. The distances I've been doing have been a little longer than usual, but they are not completely out of the ordinary for me and in normal temperatures I'd be quite comfortable with them. My feet haven't been hurting much during, or immediately after a run, but I'm finding that my feet are becoming very sore after warming up in the shower.

    Last week I went into the shower not long after a run thinking my feet were fine, and came out afterwards unable to walk without some very nasty pain in my standard 'Morton's toe callous" that always lives just below my second toe, and usually doesn't give me too much trouble beyond a little bit of irritation. A small blister seemed to develop under the callous during the shower - I swear the feet were fine, but cold beforehand. I was unable to walk properly for a day, and couldn't run comfortably for a few days.

    So, yesterday I tried a similar run, and then waited about 45 minutes before showering. I even threw some socks on for ten minutes before the shower to try to warm things up. The results were similar, but slightly less painful. My callouses are still sore a day later, although this time around I can't really see anything that feels puffy like a blister.

    My assumption here is that the sudden change of temperature in the shower is doing something to my feet, but I don't know if it is just accelerating a problem that would naturally come if I let my feet warm up naturally, or if this is entirely caused by heating my cold feet too quickly. I checked Dr. Google for tips and most of the links I found were pages promoting the health benefits of cold showers, which I guess is the logical next thing to try if I can find the courage. :)

    So, before I take up cold showers and wake the household with my screaming, has anybody else been through this one, and if so, what should I try to fix the problem?

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    Yes: a cold shower after the warm one will close the pores, which opened during the warm shower. By doing this, the accumulated warmth will stay inside the body and you will be less sore afterwards.
    Do it progressively : first the right foot, ankle, leg, then the left foot, ankle, leg, then right arm from hand to shoulder, left arm from hand to shoulder, then belly, then chest (first right side, then left) and at the end (but perhaps not the first day you try this!): neck, shoulders, back and head. These latter parts of the body are the most sensitive to cold, so beware of TMTS :D as in barefoot running! Stop immediately if you feel muscles contracting painfully with the cold!
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