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    Dear all Chapter Presidents,

    Regrettably, we seem to be getting an ever-increasing number of Chapter Presidents who, for one (very good) reason or another, are no longer able to fulfill their roles?

    Could I please ask all Chapter Presidents, that if they do feel that they must step down from their position, that they first make inquiries amongst the other members of their Chapter to see if there is anyone in the Chapter willing to take over the role? If you are unable to find anyone, obviously still let us know that you wish to step down, but as you guys are a lot closer to your Chapter members than we are, it should be easier for you to find a replacement than for us?

    We do understand how difficult it is to get people interested in participating in events, and to get people to come together in one place at one time. Please do whatever you can, when you can, to keep your Chapters alive.

    We are currently approaching a situation where we (myself & TJ) will have no choice but to regrettably mothball some of the Chapters which have had no local leadership for a long length of time, as it is becoming increasingly difficult for us to keep so many 'un-led' Chapters alive and kicking.

    Many Thanks,


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