Ch-ch-ch-chia? Does it work? Or is it in my head?

Discussion in 'Health, Nutrition, Injuries & Medical Conditions' started by CharlesWPB, Sep 16, 2012.

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    I picked up some chia the other day, ground it up, and mixed it with honey (tasted delicious mm :D)
    I ate this about 1/2 hr before a run and felt MUCH better than usual.
    Usually I feel like I'm slowly (or not so slowly :S) dying after about 2 miles in, but after 2.5 (I stopped due to some intense foot cramping) I felt amazing, like I had only run like 20 feet, no fatigue at all :S :D
    I had read chia is a great food for running, so maybe this is just all in my head? a placebo effect? Maybe it was pure coincidence? maybe it really did make a difference?
    Previously all I would eat was some pasta a few hours before a run, so maybe my previous running fuels crappyiness accounts for the contrast from then till now?

    So basically is there any advantage to this or is this just all in my head? Cause If it's not going to make any difference I'll save myself some money and not buy any more chia when the bag runs out. (It was only $15, so not expensive, but hey, $15 is $15!)
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    Chia is awesome! I used it on a 15 mile, 12 hour hike up in the mountains, and I felt great. I also drink it at home, and I generally feel less hungry. Lots of variables of course, but so far, Chia is a good one.
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    Check out our ad on the home page and the forum page for Chia. I did a lot of checking, and at the time, it was the best deal around.

    Chia helps your body to hold in liquids like a sponge, so it keeps you hydrated, which is good for muscle activity.
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    This. I'm a drinking machine on runs. If it is above 80 degrees I can drink 20 oz on a 3 mile run and come back thirsty. But if I drink 12 oz of water with 1 tbsp of chia 30 min before a run I can skip taking water for up to 5 or 6 miles.
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