CC running form comparison photo

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    CC running form comparison photo
    By Dirty Toes Joe

    My son's coach snapped this picture at a cross country meet yesterday. My son (in the sunglasses) and his teammate next to him are freshmen and are the fastest on the team this year. They're usually within 30 seconds of each other, and who's faster is usually a toss up. I thought it was a great comparison of form, as far as landing goes.

    My son has been running exclusively in xeroshoes sandals (not allowed for meets) or the xeroshoes speed force shoes he's wearing in this photo. We're hoping to get him some spikes this weekend - the kid next to him beat him by 30ish seconds - pulled ahead in some sand and he couldn't make it up. 3 miles in just over 18 minutes - he's pretty sure he could break into the 17s with a tiny bit more traction.

    Although this picture doesn't really show it, there is usually a huge difference in running form between the two of them. The other kid frequently looks like he's in pain, grimmacing with his head cocked to the side and his shoulders hunched up. He definately puts his whole heart into it. My son is usually much more relaxed, with a look of quiet determination. The other kid has been complaining about his knees hurting, constantly, which started during summer practice. My son just had sore knees for the first time after yesterday's race, but it went away within a few hours.

    I'd welcome any other critiques on his form, which is difficult based on one picture. If it's actually bad, let me know.
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    This snapshot is both interesting and adorable on so many levels, although I don't understand why the dude in the background is so angry. :D I hope you don't mind if I share it to the Home Page. Thanks!
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    Wow -the total difference in form between the two of them is quite stark isn’t it!.. Good pic..
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    I'd say you really can't quite tell enough from a photo. They look very different but they're also both at different points of their strides. Your son is just about to lift off the ground and his teammate is about to land. It does certainly look like his teammate is over-striding (the heel first position of the foot is just a symptom of that root cause). If his teammate is over-striding the real negative there isn't so much the heel landing as is the fact that he's runing with the parking brake locked on. The pained expression may just be that he's working a lot harder than your son to run at the same speed.

    My daughter is in 7th grade and running CC for the first time herself. I've done some 1-on-1 form coaching with her to help as her coach doesn't do any of that. She already complains that she has to train and race in shoes as she enjoys our little unshod form sessions way more and feels like she can't run right with shoes on. She's in either Xero Prios or Lems Primal IIs and my thought was those have bottoms that are either overly stiff (Prios) or a little too thick (Lems). So I ordered her a pair of Vapor Gloves that arrive Friday.

    HS CC and track are notorious for not teaching kids anything about form. It's all about whipping a group of teenagers into competition shape in only 2-3 months so you just drill them on intervals and hope a few natural talents rise to the top.

    Good luck to your son! I hope he enjoys the season and this sets him on a lifetime of pure running enjoyment. :)
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    The Xero Speed Force have pretty thin soles, certainly thinner than the Prios, so they might be worth a try if she doesn't get on with the Vapor Gloves. The tops are super soft too, so very nice to wear during the day. I found that the only problem with running in them was a small blister at the side of the nail on the big toe, but I suspect I should have ordered a size up.
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