Buck Creek Nature Preserve

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    Buck Creek Nature Preserve
    4282 Burlingame Ave
    Wyoming, MI
    See map: Google Maps

    This is a great short run, which consists of a one mile, flat, paved path between Burlingame and Byron Center Aves.

    This route is fairly barefoot friendly:
    - most of the path is in good shape
    - one very eroded section with VERY rough asphalt
    - lots of goose feces
    - watch out for dog feces too
    - keep an eye out for fun "off-chutes" = common paths in the woods
    - very difficult to get lost, path goes 1 mile east and then run back west Or hook up to other trails...

    I sometimes run on the paved path and also run on the soft grassy areas on the shoulder of the path. Lemery Park is at the opposite end, which is popular with my daughter, since it has a playground and tennis courts...

    I usually run with with the Palmer Park Preserve Loops. You can run under the bridges on common trails to get to Palmer Park. It's a great trail run hidden in the city....

    Picture of restrooms and forest at parking area off Burlingame Ave. Wyoming, MI


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