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    Have a question about our group and can't figure out who to ask? Take a look below at some of the most frequently asked questions at BRS-MN.

    Website and facebook Page

    We have a facebook page?

    Yes, you can visit the BRS-MN facebook page at!/pages/Barefoot-Runners-Society-Minnesota-Chapter/124212150945707

    What sort of information do you post on your facebook page?

    We will post all of our BRS events, photos, and news on the facebook page. We will also post links to articles of interest as they are available.

    Can I post content on the facebookpage or the website?

    Of course! Both pagesare open access, meaning all members can post content. Feel free to add pictures, stories, comments, or whatever you think others would be interested in.

    Where do I ask questions on the facebook page or website?

    We suggest posting either on the main wall, or in the discussion forum.

    Aren't the website and this facebook page the same thing?

    No way! Although the facebook page will keep you updated with all of the latest barefoot running news and events here in Minnesota, the website is a huge resource for the barefoot runner. It is loaded with a library of reference materials, links to other state chapter pages, a forum where you can discuss the sport with people from all over the country, a staff podiatrist, monthly magazine, blogs, race reports, and much more!

    General Event Information

    What types of events does BRS-MN host?

    We give the Minnesota barefoot community a chance to come together through group runs, races, clinics, presentations, and much more.

    How often do you hold events?

    At a minimum, we host one event monthly (usually a group run). Other events will be posted more frequentlydepending on interest.

    Where do you hold events?

    The location of an event will be at a central location to accomodate a majority of our membership. Generally that means that events will be scheduled in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. We also have a large contingent of members from southern Minnesota, and will occasionally schedule events in the south metro so that those individuals can attend.


    I'm a beginner barefoot runner and I don't run very far. What should I do?

    We get this question a lot. It's okay to be a beginner. We all once were beginners too. First, take a look at the Library section of the website. It has everything you need to start up.

    Now that our membership is greater we will be having beginner group runs (less than 2 miles) and clinics coming up in the near future. Stay tuned!

    Who hosts the barefoot running clinics?

    Your illustrious Co-Chairs Christian Peterson and Katie Button-Swenson will host most of the beginner barefooting clinics. We will also feature prominent barefooters such as Christopher McDougall (who we featured in an event in September), BRS VP Jason Robillard, and many others as they are available.

    Group Runs

    How do I let you know that I want to attend a group run?

    On the facebook page, please RSVP to the event posting with a "Yes". Please don't use the "Maybe" button. It gives us no clue whether you are coming or not.

    On the website, please post a comment to the event posting. Again, no "I think I can make it". We don't want to leave you behind!

    Can Ibring a friend to the group runs?

    Yes! Everyone is welcome. We love a big group.

    Is it okay to bring shoes to the group runs?

    We don't care what you run in as long as you're happy with it. Feel free to wear any manner of footwear to the group run. Even if you are just curious about barefoot running and want to wear normal trainers, you are welcome!

    How far are the group runs?

    How far we go on the group runs depends on how the group is feeling. Generally, this has been in the area of 4-6 miles.We check in with the group every couple of miles and making a decision whether or not togo further. People have broke offfrom the groupif they don't want to runquite so far.

    We are currently using a staggered start system to make sure everyone gets to run with the group for the majority of a run. That means that those looking to run further will start earlier.

    I can't run that far! What should I do?

    Feel free to either meet us along the trail we are running or turn around early. We understand noteveryone is at the 4-6 mile distance.

    Also, look for beginner group runs of 1-3 miles coming in the near future. You may feel more comfortable at one of those runs.

    How fast do you run during group runs?

    We're all slow too! We run as fast as the slowest memberof the group. Ifcertain members of the group want to go faster, theyare encourage to break from thepackand gooff along.

    Is there anything scheduled before/after group runs?

    If something is formally scheduled before or after the group run, such as a clinic or happy hour, it will be listed in the event posting. We occasionally hang out before or after the group runs, but such plans are made informally.

    Do we stillhave group runs in the rain/cold/winter/snow?

    We at BRS-Minnesota know that many of you will continue to run barefoot and minimalist in all weather conditions. We want to encourage that and give all of you a place to come and share your tips and experiences with other members of the group. In that regard, we will continue to schedule monthly group runs each month regardless of weather conditions.

    Of course there are some weather conditions where it is simply too cold or dangerous to be outside, much less running. Decisions to cancel runs based on weather conditions will be made the week of a scheduled run and communicated via broadcast email. In those situations, we will likely formulate a"Plan B" for those people who had alreadyplanned to attend the run. Thismay includestopping at anearby adult beverage establishment.

    Feel free to come to these runs in any manner of footwear you think you need to protect yourself. It's cold...we get it.

    Other questions

    I have a question that wasn't answer by this FAQ. What should I do?Please send a message to one of the BRS co-chairs. We'd be happy to respond.
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    Thanks SP for putting this all together, this is awesome information.
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