Branca Huaracha-type sandals

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    Apr 3, 2012
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    I purchased a pair of the Branca Running Sandals from with the 50% off sale. I am just getting started into BFR and came across the Huaracha design and was BFcurious ;)

    The site is pretty sparse but well designed and easy to navigate, videos showed how to get measurements to send in and I recieved the sandals by mail in 3-4 days. What I got was a pair of 1/8 in. rubber rounded at the heel and left uncut and squared off at the toe. There is a rubber strap (thickness of an inner tube) that is attatched via grommets to either side under the malleolus ( ankle bone) and it goes around the back. The lace runs under the front of the sole between toes 1 & 2 thru 2 small holes and is covered by a rubber patch underneath. He has a choice of 15 sole colors and 22 lace colors. The sole is smooth on the bottom.

    Lacing is straight forward, it took a few trys to get the tension right. I chose to modify the lacing from the video since I hate too much lacing flopping around. I brought the laces up between the toes, thru the grommets over the top and back thru the grommets and THEN tied then on top. I am eventually going to tie them off at the grommets to eliminate any bow on top, once I get the tensioned finalized. Then, following the videos, I traced and cut the sole to size. I used a teva sandal as a template for the roundness of the toe. If I had a do-over I would have given myself 2-3 cm more around the big toe area. So I recommend being conservative to first time and then fine tune the shape.

    Donning the sandals is easy requiring use of your hands to line up the strap and lacing (no just slipping on). They are amazingly comfortable. I do not wear flipflops since I hate things between my toes but these don't bother me at all. The strap is a great idea, not achilles discomfort what so ever. I have been wearing these around town, on vaca in FLA, some short slow jogs on various terrain with no issues of hot spots, slipping or having to retie the lacing once I got the right tension. The ground feel is great, feeling any bumps, pebbles, roots. As far as traction I have not gone on hikes yet but expect it to be slick on wet trails, we'll see. As far as looks... won't win any awards here but not terrible. I have had a few inquiries about them walking around town.

    The only issue can in FLA, walking in sand the rubber patch under sole covering the lacing did not stay on one of the sandals. I reapplied it using Loctite adhesive, no-joy. I will try rubber cement next.

    Overall a great product, would definitely recommend getting a pair or 2.
    Along with my NEw Balance Minimus, Nike Free combat boots, Nike free cross trainers and these I am excited about my venture into the BFR world.

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