BF cross training with free weights?

Discussion in 'Barefoot & Minimalist Running' started by swedishpimple, Sep 28, 2011.

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    I'm thinking about starting some BF cross training with free weights.

    My goals are not really to get burly... but more to improve my overall strength and most importantly for me flexibility. I plan on focusing on full range of motion and doing some mild stretching during and after my routines.

    My lack of flexibility has really been holding me back... but truth be known I'm not really into stretching for the sake of stretching. So I'm hoping that if used properly free weights will be a win + win for me.

    Anyone have any thoughts or guidance on this topic?

    My initial concerns would be tightness, soreness, muscle imbalances, leading to more injury potential while BF running.

    Thanks in advance.

    S. Pimp.

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    Some advice I can give you is

    Some advice I can give you is to keep it balanced.....If you do a push exerciese, then do a pull exercise. If you work the front, then work the back.

    There are "show" mucscles and "go" muscles.....Most 18-25 year old males work the "show" muscles...chest and biceps. Sure it can look good on the beach, but big pecs and biceps really have no function. Work on the "go" mucscles...core, back, things like that.

    I like doing lifts that give me a big bang for the buck like clean and presses, deadlifts, pullups....Things that work more than one muscle group. Stick with free weights and dumbells.
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    Check out what the MMA guys

    Check out what the MMA guys are doing in the gym or out of the gym. HS and College wrestlers too. Those guys get crazy strong in as tight a package as possible since they all have to fit into a weight class and speed, strength and stamina are king.

    As far as stretching goes, never stretch cold and I find that dynamic stretches are best for dynamic activity. Holding a position does little to nothing for kicking a soccer ball, but leg swings getting progressively higher and higher in all directions will improve your flexibility in both dynamic movements and static stretching. I read a book on the science of stretching, but it's been a long time. That's what's stuck with me though...hope it helps.

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    I don't like to carry

    I don't like to carry anything when I'm running, but to each his or her own.

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