Barefoot Training Specialist® Level 2: Foot Function & Fascial Lines

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    Dear Health & Fitness Professional:

    As a health and fitness professional how often do you consider foot function in your clients, athletes or patients programming?

    With the foot being deeply integrated with proximal stability our ability to effectively load and unload requires reflexive core stability. In the EBFA Barefoot Training Specialist Certification we explore this integration while teaching professionals to better assess foot function.

    The foot is not an isolated structure - and neither is our education.

    Coming to the West Coast and East Coast this October is our Barefoot Training Specialist Level 2 Certification which focuses on Foot Function & Fascial Lines. To begin to explore this association I encourage you to check out our blog series:

    As the only Certification that explores the integration between the foot & ankle and functional movement this course will take your current understanding and knowledge of the foot & ankle, foot to core sequencing, movement efficiency and gait to a whole new level!

    Are you ready to expand your understanding of:

    - foot function and fascial lines
    - great toe mobility and the 1st ray
    - navicular drop and the functional impact on the deep front line
    - pelvic floor and deep hip activation
    - pre-activation training
    - footwear and surfaces

    + much much more!

    Saturday October 31st - Sunday November 1st
    10am - 5pm
    Barefoot Training Specialist® Level 2
    with Dr Emily Splichal
    Lucille Roberts
    New York City
    Registration Fee: $350 (until October 1) / $400 (after)


    Saturday October 24th - Sunday October 25th
    10am - 5pm
    Barefoot Training Specialist® Level 2

    with Dr Emily Splichal

    Training Day PDX
    Portland, OR

    Registration Fee: $350 USD (until October 1) / $400 (after)
    includes manual, t-shirt, certification exam




    ***EBFA now offers BOC (NATA) cues!!!***

    Evidence Based Fitness Academy
    Leaders in Barefoot Education


    In the mean time, please connect with us on
    as well as check out our latest blog
    and sign up for our webinar!

    Dr. Emily Splichal

    Evidence Based Fitness Academy


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