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Discussion in 'Barefootedness' started by Paul M, Apr 29, 2018.

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    Aug 28, 2011
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    I know we had a thread about cycling barefooot, which always seemed to be pushing things too far to me. But now I see there are pedals designed around barefoot principles , which makes me reconsider my pre-conceptions. They would seem to be ideal for use with minimal shoes. Over time this should contribute to arch strength, but OTOH it might mean cycle days don't act as run rest days so well.

    This seems to sync with gradual acceptance that the traditionally recommended routine use of the calf during cycling is not a good idead biomechanically, clearly it wouldn't work with the foot centred over the pedal. It is also consistent with the idea that 'constant force' 'pedalling in circles' is not even a good aim, and that crank lengths should be shorter than what has become the norm.

    But the bike industry seems more concerned about 'turning it up to 12' on the rear derailleur....easy sales I guess.
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    Did you need help locating that other thread?
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