Barefoot on Goat Fell (Arran)

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    Jan 18, 2014
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    Barefoot on Goat Fell (Arran)
    By Christian Lemburg

    In early June this year, I had the opportunity to hike up Goat Fell (874m), the highest mountain on the Isle of Arran in Scotland. We took the short route via Corrie, so it was nearly all straight up and down, very little level walking. This was my first real mountain barefoot hike, and it went very well. The path is quite steep, and the upper half is rocks only, with some scrambling. On top of Goat Fell, great views, very rewarding - if you are on Arran, give it a try!

    The way up was not a big deal, but I really felt my legs on the way down, due to the need to lower myself very carefully on each step. On the last hour down, rain started to fall, which really slowed me down as I was afraid of slipping on muddy rocks. However, apart from stubbing my toes once or twice, I got away without injuries, and felt great.

    Lots of comments from other walkers, very positive, most were just surprised that climbing up such terrain is possible without shoes.

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    Nice, Christian. I mirrored your post to the home page. Thanks for sharing!
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