Barefoot hike on Suicide Cliff in Hong Kong

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    Those who follow the r/BarefootHiking probably read already about this, but "suicide cliff" is a rocky springboard hanging on one of the highest mountains of Hong Kong. The place became famous after featuring in the "National Geographic". I climbed the mountain several times shod, before one day deciding to start my barefoot hiking adventures... Well by this challenging climb!

    Unfortunately, after I climbed that mountain, one hiker lost her life over there. I must say that while being a very steep climb, the mountain is pretty "easy" for barefoot hikers. In fact, bare feet insert much more easily in the small asperities of the terrain. Nowadays, suicide cliff is almost comparable to a highway, with often long queues of people waiting to take their photos on the cliff. All these people wear different degrees of hiking shoes which all contribute to increasing the erosion of the cliff. When climbing, I felt that my own progression did not damage the land or cause erosion, as my step was light as the wind..

    Anyway, here is the full story:
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    Great write-up and pictures! Makes me want to hike the world....
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    Very cool, except the sad part.

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