Barefoot Backpacking at Havasu Canyon

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    Barefoot Backpacking at Havasu Canyon
    By Thea Gavin

    The big week has come and gone . . . and my fabulous five days of experiencing Havasu Canyon have now morphed into memories (and words, and photos).


    My pack weighed 36 pounds (including five liters of water) the night before the 10-mile trek (down 2,000 feet) to the campground along Havasu Creek; after an illuminating pre-hike meeting with our (friendly, competent, knowledgeable, fabulous) Grand Canyon Field Institute guides, during which one pulled everything out of her pack, bit by bit, and explained why this and not that and do you really need more than one pair of pants all week, I returned to my (clean and comfortable) room at the Hualupai Lodge and divested myself of extra clothes and other superfluous gear. To continue reading, please visit:
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