Baby's first barefoot 5k: CORNER STORE COUNTRY RUN

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    A lot of times you sign up for a race with the primary goal of getting a PR and with a secondary goal of having fun. Well this past Saturday I signed up my siblings and myself to the Corner Store Country Run in Katy, TX for the fun of it. I signed us up without the chip time option so that we wouldn't be so focused on our times. You see it was Alexander, my nephew's, first 5k and my sister wanted all her uncles and herself to run it together so that's exactly what we did.


    The course was a little tight at points and they probably could have used a little more volunteers at the water stops but overall it was a great family race. We all stuck together and from looking at Alexanders face during and after the race, I know he had a good time too.


    The run was great but the post party was even better. There were carnival games, a live band, and lots of swag. I mean literally it was like walking into a corner store and getting anything and everything that you could get your hands on. Hotdogs, cotton candy, icees, popcorn, chips, beer, sodas, red bulls, sunglasses, 5 hour energy's, EVERYTHING!!!! They had a plethora of items and were begging us to take as much as possible. I've really never seen any after party quite like this one.

    I'd definitely do this race again if it rolled into a town near me. I brought my GoPro camera to document the whole thing and it can be found below or by clicking on my youtube name GOKU RUNNER
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