Avenue of the Vines 5K

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    Date Reviewed: 06/25/2010
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    Woodbridge Winery
    5950 E. Woodbridge Rd.
    Acampo, CA
    See map: Google Maps
    The Avenue of the Vines 5K and Half Marathon.

    The course is as flat as flat can be. The 5K is an out and back race. I ran the inaugural half marathon shod (a few years ago) and this year I ran the 5K barefoot. The asphalt is in good shape. It gets a bit gritty near intersections, but if you've run barefoot you know that this is common at many intersections. It can be quite hot on race day in May (100s), but they have begun starting the race at 7am.

    I plan to run the half next year, so I'll update this race info for the entire course.

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