August Running Challenge - Chapter with Most Miles!

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    Hello everyone,

    The following competition is going on between the chapters around the globe! I am planning to log runs to challenge the others and I invite you to as well!

    I will be hosting a monthly run next weekend to get the ball rolling so hopefully will see some folks out there! I will create an event and pass the word around.

    Here is more details on the competition that is happening..... if you are interested follow the link and add your name to the vertical columns and we will log miles for Missouri:

    OK, so we have tried and tested the system for the Monthly Toes on Roads Competition, and we think we know which is the most active running chapter, or is that most active runner? [​IMG]

    Here is the link to the spreadsheet for the August competition:

    Please rally your troops by sharing this link with your chapter members. The competition will start at 12:00am UST, August 1, 2014 and finish at 12:00pm UST,August 31, 2014.

    Whenever you do a run (and for the moment, we are including runs, walks and hikes in bare feet, huararches or minimalist running shoes in this category) add your username in the top row and your distance in the row of your chapter. (If your chapter is not there already, please add it.) When you do additional runs during the month, just update the distance each time. (TIP: Use the formula =0+5+5 etc. to keep track of your latest entry.)

    The chapter that covers the largest distance in the month will have their name emblazoned in lights on the Front Page.

    What constitutes a run?

    As a minimum, going for a run means you have your running gear on and do a run, walk or hike of one mile or more.
    • Running to catch a bus on your way home is not a run.
    • Running to and from work, separated by a day in the office is two runs.
    • Running to the cafe, enjoying a brew for 10 minutes and running home is one run.
    If you THINK it doesn’t constitute a run, then it probably isn’t! This competition relies entirely on your honesty.

    Any problems with the spreadsheet, let me know.

    Good Luck!

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