Attempted to break my 5k PR...

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    ...And didn't quite make the PR but still did well considering I hadn't trained for it! Plus it was near 100% relative humidity and felt like a was breathing warm steamy air, wow was I sweating and felt like dying through most of this race. My only speed training this summer was two modest interval work outs early in July, and one earlier this week, most my of my runs are slower than 8 minute pace with just a few into the 7's. I just turned 40 and really wanted to break a 6:00 min/mile pace to prove I wasn't slowing down yet, but conditions today and lack of training left me very lucky to be just 8 seconds behind my PR from last year (18:50). I'm sure if I had a few weeks of training and maybe about 30°F less, I could have pulled it off!

    My first mile was 5:38 that is a one mile PR by a long shot! But probably too fast and then I slowed considerably as exhaustion set in.

    Just a small race so I did pull of first place! :)

    Screenshot_20180915-120718crop.png Screenshot_20180915-121819crop.png IMG_20180915_093958-720.jpg
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