At what distance of a run do you carry water and back-up fuel?

Discussion in 'Barefoot & Minimalist Running' started by happysongbird, Dec 12, 2012.

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    Do I see a Daily Improvisations blog post developing here?
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    It's quite possible. :)
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    I'm in the ~6mi / 10k crowd here for carrying water. In the summer I drink a lot more if its over 80, but I rarely ran under 6mi anyhow so pretty much always carried water. As for food I havent needed any yet up to 14mi which is about as far as I have gone. I often start getting hungry by 8mi or so, but I just eat a recovery meal when I am done.

    I dont really prime anything, I try to not eat solid food within 1-2hrs before. And hydration wise, well if I didnt carry water when I ran I probably wouldnt have any hydration for the whole day sometimes, as coffee in the morning and beer in the evening are probably the only other drinks some days and I don't think they count as hydration.

    Edited to add:
    Some make it sound like carrying water is a bad thing or a big deal. I know many prefer to not have to cary items, thats fine. For me I have a hydration pack and depending on the run I usually have some other gear with my like backup huaraches, phone, keys, extra batteries if its night time, or gloves and hat if its cold, etc, etc. So 90% of the time I like to have the hydration pack on anyhow just for the easy gear storage. Filling it with a little bit of water is no big deal. Sure in the cold I can probably go 10+ miles without drinking any water but heck even sitting at my office desk for a couple hours I probably ought to drink a cup of water, so why not when I run?
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    Late to the party....

    But it's six miles for me on the water. Over six, and I'll take it. I winter, I might go 8 without water.

    As for food.... it kind of depends on what I'm doing after. I get really hungry at about the 8 mile mark. So, if I'm out for 10-14 miles, I may or may not take food. If DH is making lunch or dinner while I'm out, then no, I don't take food. If the plan is for me to come in from my run, hit the shower quickly, and then head out hiking, or if I'm planning on doing yard work when I get home, then I'll probably fuel on the run.
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