Arkansas - Petit Jean hike.

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    I've hiked the Seven Hollows trail barefoot before and started out barefoot yesterday but realized after about a quarter-mile of sharp things hiding in the leaves that I was not in the mood. Shamma Warriors improved my disposition. I've had the Warriors for several months but don't wear them much, preferring well-worn and loose fitting All-Brown's for knocking around town when shoes are required. I used power straps for the first time and am not sure they made much difference hiking. Maybe if I had been running, I would have noticed more benefit, but I'm not much of a trail runner and this was not to be a trail-running day. The Warriors were not quite as grippy on rocks and roots as I expected they would be but they were very comfortable and gave good ground-feel while protecting me from the sharps. It was a nice hike. I hope to try another trail at Petit Jean over the holiday break.
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