Aqua X Sport review - a new water-friendly shoe from Xero Shoes

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    I received a pair of Aqua X Sport from Xero Shoes for free to review them prior to their Spring 2021 product launch.

    You can see my video review here:

    The Aqua X Sport is a water-friendly sport shoe made with Vegan-friendly materials. It’s made with water-friendly mesh, has a 3mm Athletic EVA insole, they’re quick drying, it has lugged FeelTrue sole with 3.5mm lugs.

    I tested them in different conditions: walking and running in wet concrete and asphalt (after it had rained), and used them on a trail that ran near a water stream. I tried them with and without the insole, and with and without socks. I also wore them for a couple of days doing regular activities.

    Sizing and Fit
    I requested the Aqua X Sport in men’s size 11 and they fit perfectly, they are true to size.
    The Aqua X Sport have a wide toe box, foot and toes don’t feel constricted, you can easily move your toes like if you were wearing sandals.
    The adjustable elastic laces can be easily and conveniently tightened, making them easy to put on and take off.
    They have removable insoles and the fit feels mostly the same with and without them.
    The insoles are thin and light, easy to take out.
    I tried them with and without the insoles, not much difference as to comfort, but without the insole your feet can slide a bit, I like it more with the insole.

    Comfort, Ground Feel and Zero Drop
    They are extremely comfortable and lightweight, after wearing them for a while you hardly notice you have them on. Because of the thin and resistant water-friendly mesh, your feet stay cool and don’t sweat.
    The sole is thick enough and has a tire tread-inspired pattern, it has 3.5 mm lugs that can withstand rough terrains, but overall is very flexible and provides good ground feel.
    Depending on your activity you can wear the Aqua X Sport with or without socks, I like how they feel both ways.
    Zero Drop feels just right with the Aqua X Sport as with all Xero Shoes.

    Water performance, Grip and Traction
    The Aqua X Sport are not waterproof, they are water-friendly which means you can use them on wet conditions and they perform quite well and are comfortable.
    I tried the Aqua X Sport’s after a heavy rainfall, ran with them on asphalt and concrete roads for 7.5 km and tried to step on as many puddles of water as I could. I used them with insoles and had no socks on. I really loved that run, even though my feet were wet most of the time, it never felt uncomfortable, no squishy-squishy sounds, not much water retention, felt light and fast.

    After the run I took them off, the shoes were wet and I noticed the insole didn’t retain any water. I left them out to dry in the sun, it didn’t take long for the shoes to dry.
    I did notice some chaffing on the top of 3 of my right foot toes, and a couple of blisters did form. I guess running for 45 minutes without socks on wet conditions was not ideal, the rubbing of my toes with the wet mesh caused the blisters to form.

    I also tried them on a rough trail that passed through a water stream. The lugged FeelTrue sole gives great protection from gravel and stones, is flexible and has good grip and traction. I stepped and jumped on several slippery wet stones and the Aqua X Sport performed better than I expected, some slight slippage but overall good grip and support.

    Design and Aesthetics
    The Aqua X Sport look really great, I love the blue, yellow and black color combination, it has a very sporty look and feel.
    Well-designed and thought out product, like all Xero Shoes.

    Summary – the Xero Shoes Aqua X Sport water-friendly shoes are a great option for outside activities on dry and wet conditions.

    They’re super comfortable, flexible, lightweight, great for walking, running, light hiking, and even casual wear, I highly recommend them.
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