And finally did the Lion's rock hike barefoot!

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    The Lion's rock is a very strong symbol for all hongkongese, as it expresses their strong will and their desire to resist pressure (and God knows they are facing a lot of pressure from China these days!).

    It was somehow strange, but I never tackled this pretty easy hike until now. Probably, because I was waiting to be ready for visiting the Lion... I finally did it, and while most of the path is made of stairs, when moving to the Lion's Head, we had to do some rock scrambling, which made for a lot of fun barefoot.

    In short, another proof that you can climb anywhere barefoot as long as you have the will.
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    Amazing! I love your adventures. So cool you guys brought a drone, nice idea. Your feet look well-travelled, and that's a good thing!

    Thanks for sharing!

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