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    I don't know if you heard, but Alyson Laskas, aka Barefoot Aly passed away a couple weeks ago. I just found out on the Society for Barefoot Living. It shocks me that she was so young and now she's gone. I hope that she's in a better place now.
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    So sad. Gone too soon. May she barefoot in Heaven for eternity!

    Alyson had been a member of the BRS since 2014.

    International Barefoot Running Day 2014 pictures of and postings with Alyson here:

    Her Tribute was beautiful:

    On Saturday, August 27th, Alyson Laskas laid her head on her best friend's chest and died quietly in her sleep. Brilliant, beautiful, and ever bemusing, her life was one of yawps heartily hallooed; of hearts healed and broken. Hers was a life of the earth and of art, of angst and absolution, but always of love.

    In the hills of Pennsylvania she finally found her idyll; a match for a soul larger than this world could contain. For those she left behind, she remains as she ever was: always with us, but never quite of us.

    Alyson Laskas.jpg
    Alyson is on the left with Lara

    BRS Pennsylvania IBRD 2014.jpg
    BRS Pennsylvania IBRD 2014
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