Allaire State Park - Freehold Jamesburg RR trail

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    Date Reviewed: 09/13/2010
    Review Type: Trail
    Barefoot Friendliness: 4 Below Average

    Farmingdale, NJ
    Atlantic Ave Allarie State Park
    Farmingdale, NJ
    See map: Google Maps

    This trail review is not complete due to glass on the trail which ended up in my right foot. I think there is enough info here for someone who wants to run this trail.

    This is an asphalt trail with different grades of asphalt.
    From mile marker 0 to 2.1 has a smooth surface, easy to BF run on. At about a .1 mile east of West Side Drive is when the surface changes to a very rough surface with 1/2 inch gravel embedded on top of asphalt. I only ran about 1/3 mile and had to turn around to go back. Once I got back on smooth surface about .1 mile west of West Side Drive I ran into glass then the fun was over, my first time for getting glass.

    This trail would be good for minimalist shoe running, but for Barefoot running, is good between mile marker 0 to 2 and your should be fine.

    I'm not sure if I continued to the end of the trail that the surface would have improved, I probably would need to build up the calluses by using Todd Ragsdale gravel bucket marching technique...

    So overall this is a challenging trail to run on with the glass, rough surface ETC......

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