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    I am a runner but at this point just trying to get my feet used to minimalist shoes (Xero Prios) by walking around in them. I started just walking a couple blocks for about a week and then started taking longer walks (up to half or full miles) around my neighborhood on the sidewalk. Yesterday after probably my longest walk, my left arch was burning/felt very tight almost like a cramp. When I got home, I took off the shoes and the sensation went away. Didn't think much of it. Today, my arch is sore. Almost feels like I have a pebble under my arch and when I do arch exercises (i.e. short foot), it is clearly sore.
    My question : Are these normal pangs/niggles I should expect as I try to adapt my feet to minimalist shoes? I am not running in them at all (still run in cushioned 8mm drops) but wanted to start slowly and just walk with them. Prior to these shoes, I always walked around in topos (cushioned but toe shaped and low drop shoes). Thanks!!

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