A winter without snow... at least my feet still work

Discussion in 'Barefoot & Minimalist Running' started by swedishpimple, Feb 1, 2012.

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    A rather sad year for a cross coutry skiing in Northeast Ohio. Unusually warm temps and very few days with snow on the ground. My favorite haunts this time of year are filled with mud and grass instead of the usual snow and ice.

    Ordinarily my despair with nothing to do activity wise would have driven me stir crazy. But that was before I found a love for running... in particular BF running.

    Yesterday it was 50 degrees... a sunny kind of day that felt like and even smelt like spring. Obviously crap weather for skiing... but an absolutely perfect day for a BF run. .... Woo-Hoo! :bigsmile:

    Anyway.... just checking in.

    I hope everyone is staying healthy.

    Thanks All.... take care.

    S. Pimp.

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    I was afraid I'd be stuck in

    I was afraid I'd be stuck in shoes all winter, but I'm loving that I can still be BF comfortably outside right now.
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    @swedish:  Sorry to hear

    @swedish: Sorry to hear about your lack of cross country skiing. It's has indeed been a very mild winter, yesterday I was running in a t-shirt and shorts, barefoot of course. It was 58 degrees. I ran in shorts twice in January.

    I think I have worn footwear only about 3 times so far for this winter, last year we had about 4 major snow storms that started January 1st and never let up until March. Personally for me, I love the summer and high heat, so this winter really has been a treat so far. Coulple of months of this then it's spring time again!
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    +1 Mr. Pimp.,I just tallied

    +1 Mr. Pimp.,

    I just tallied my month's running for January: 82.75! Not much for some folks, maybe, but last January I was just over 32. And this year I have gotten in 9 BF runs so far. Extraodinary! I don't mind running in VFFs if the conditions of weather or surface recommend, but Hey! It's just been a treat so far this year.

    I suppose the snow and winter will be back soon enough, but for now, I'm quite happy.

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