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Discussion in 'Chapters' started by Bjorn Foten, Dec 2, 2020.

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    My fellow barefoot runners, I just wanted to apologise for the fact that I haven't been very active in the society or on the forum for a little while. I'd also like to take the opportunity to publicly thank TJ for her support throughout this period. I have to say it feels great to be back again! Not since the stone age has there been a better time to be a barefoot runner. While we still aren't a common sight along the tracks and paths of the UK, there are definitely more of us than ever before and, crucially, public awareness of the benefits of barefoot running, grounding and getting back to nature in general, is growing all the time. These are strange and terrible days that we are living through, but there are reasons to be hopeful too. As humanity re-evaluates its priorities, we are seeing a renewed focus on improving physical and mental health, and on healing the damage we have done to the environment. The world is waking up to the fact that nature and the ways in which we interact with and utilise it are absolutely crucial to not just our survival, but also our wellbeing and quality of life. These are things that we, as barefoot runners, have always known. This is our time and I look forward to helping the society develop some exciting new programmes over the coming weeks and months. Keep well everyone and watch this space...
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    Welcome back, Bjorn! I love your spirit! It's nice to hear from positive people in times of uncertainty like these. I wish that sentiment would spread around the world.
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    Good to have you back on board BF.
    Keep safe...:barefoot:
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