'21 International Barefoot Running Day

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    Hello Vermonters! I am pushing that everyone considers taking part in this virtual run! It is for a great cause and it’s fun! Let’s show how rough and tough we Vermonters can be!

    This year, International Barefoot Running Day is going Virtual. We invite people from all around the world to join us on Sunday the 2nd of May and free their feet! Wherever it is safe and legal to do so – in your home, garden, park, street, or local wilderness – leave your shoes behind and enjoy life barefoot. Tell your friends and family too – everyone is welcome – and let us know what you get up to. We’d love to gather your stories, pictures, and videos for future posts here and on our social media channels, so send us your contributions to barefoot.runners.uk@gmail.com or use the hashtags #ibrd2021 and #barefootrunnerssociety on your social media posts.

    Who knows - perhaps we can create the best International Barefoot Running Day yet, despite (or even because of!) the adversity we are all facing? Go Barefoot! Go Safely!

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