2021 Camp River Runners Summer Camps

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    Guess who's back? Back again! Camp River Runners is back - tell a friend! We've got you covered from Middle School (July 12-14) to High School(July 6-9) and even Adult Summer Camps (August 13-15)!

    And for real... tell a friend. For every friend you refer, you'll receive a $5 discount from camp! Contact katie@freedomsrun.org for details.


    So much fun to help co-direct with camp directing wizard Katie Thompson
    Additional awesome staff :)
    Coach Meg - my college teammate at UVA and mental performance coach; Suzy Munnis - strength and conditioning coach; Laura Bergmann, fascia and mobility specialist
    Students will leave camp with the knowledge and skills to perform at their best, develop habits to be lifelong runners, and also get much needed time with friends in a safe outdoor setting (that goes for youth and adults!)

    Our Middle School Camp will be July 12 - 14 from 9am - noon at Morgan Academy in Shepherdstown, WV. Our camp offers a great opportunity to play outside, run, make new friends, and have fun! Kids will learn to build the foundation of healthy running in a fun environment through the use of nature, games, state of the art running tools, and whole foods!

    For our High School athletes looking to achieve a new level this season, we've got what you need! July 6 - 9 from 9am - 1pm, varying locations to enjoy some of the best trails and runs in the area; learn the foundations of healthy running performance, injury prevention, improved running skills, muscle endurance, and strength development from some the leading minds and athletes in the running industry.

    Finally, why should kids have all the fun? Running is our passion, but play is our life. Whether a weekend warrior just fitting in a couple runs here and there or an ultra extraordinaire, our workshops are developed for every skill level. Learn the foundations of healthy running performance, proper nutrition/fueling practices, injury prevention, improved running skills, muscle endurance, strength development, mindfulness, and racing strategies. Plus enjoy the historical and beautiful Harpers Ferry! Join us for our 3rd annual Adult Camp August 13-15!

    For our out of town friends, contact katie@freedomsrun.org to receive information for our blocked room rates from our partners at the Clarion Hotel in Harpers Ferry.

    Happy Running!

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