2019 IBRD Tee Shirts ARE NOW Available!

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    2019 IBRD Tee Shirt_SmallCropped.jpg

    2019 IBRD Tee Shirts ARE NOW Available!

    Tedlet has done a wonderful job of adding the new 2019 IBRD design to the BRS's Zazzle store. I can tell you I know from experience that this is a tedious task. Thank you Tedlet for all you do to help promote the BRS.

    You can begin purchasing your 2019 IBRD gear. We have tee shirts, micro fabric ones too, phone cases, mugs, buttons, totes, etc. If you want a particular item that is not showing in the store, please let us know, and we will add it for you.

    We have international store "locations," so you won't have to ship from the U.S. or across the world from your area, hopefully.

    Keep in mind the time needed to create your item and ship it to you to help ensure your item arrives before IBRD!

    Here's the store's link(s): https://www.thebarefootrunners.org/library-articles/international-brs-zazzle-store-links.27/
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