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    All Chapter Presidents, please share this in your chapters! Thanks! -TJ

    P L E A S E **** H E L P ! ! ! !




    The 9th Annual International Barefoot Running Day™ will be held on Sunday, May 5, 2019!

    It's that time of year again! Time to start the 2019 IBRD Tee Shirt DESIGN phase of our 2019 IBRD Tee Shirt Contest!

    The International Barefoot Running Day T-shirt design contest has begun! The contest idea was inspired by the threads with awesome barefoot sayings and some great foot print designs added to the Zazzle store shirts.

    In order to get the word out about 2019 International Barefoot Running Day and give us some awesome shirt choices for this wonderful event, we are going to have a contest. If you've got design skills, then we'd like to see what you can come up with!

    ****Please also feel free to submit past designs that did not win first place...we'd like to see them again, since so many of them were excellent!****

    What is your vision of International Barefoot Running Day? What does IBRD mean to you? How would you represent IBRD to the world? If you can envision it in design, perhaps you can share it with us.

    If you have skills, and we know you do, please consider putting together something for the 2019 IBRD Tee Shirt Contest. Not only will we put the winning design on the official 2019 IBRD Tee Shirt, but we will use your graphic in our advertisements to get the word out about IBRD. We will begin accepting your submissions right away. We will collect them and then present them to the BRS members early in March, but we may extend the deadline if needed. We will vote on these designs immediately. The winner will be announced after the voting is over, about a week or so later, and then we will place the winning design in our Zazzle store. There, you will be able to purchase tee shirts (they have micro tech shirts too!) and other merchandise with the winning design on it. Remember, these are the OFFICIAL 2019 IBRD tee shirts and will be worn all over the world, and the winning design will also be used in ways to bring more attention to the day.

    The BRS shirt should contain 2019 International Barefoot Running Day, the IBRD web address (www.TheBarefootRunners.org/pages/IBRD), the date of the event (May 5, 2019).

    The winner will receive lots of kudos from their peers, a 2019 IBRD Tee Shirt with their own winning design on it, and a pair of Xero Shoes (www.XeroShoes.com) YOUR CHOICE, and the runner-up will receive a DIY huarache kit! Thank you Steven and Lena from Xero Shoes for your generosity once again!

    Please email your designs to me at BarefootTJ@TheBarefootRunners.org. Along with the design, please attach all original artwork and fonts used to the email. Keep in mind when designing the graphics that the resolution should be high enough to put on a tee shirt. Two thousand pixels is the minimum width needed. It's understandable that for the sake of designing you may shrink them to fit on whatever template you make, but we'll need the large graphics when putting them into the Zazzle store.

    Looking forward to another awesome IBRD!

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