2017 International Barefoot Running Day is just around the corner!

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    2017 International Barefoot Running Day

    Hi Chapter Presidents!

    International Barefoot Running Day is fast approaching! This year, IBRD takes place on Sunday, May 7. Start thinking about the details for your local IBRD event, so we can help you get the word out in time to increase your chances of having a successful event with more people attending.

    Use this link to register your event: https://www.thebarefootrunners.org/forms/ibrd-event-registration.3/respond

    For more info about IBRD and how to get your event noticed, please visit: https://www.thebarefootrunners.org/pages/IBRD/

    We are in the process of accepting tee shirt designs for our 2017 IBRD Tee Shirt Design Contest, so if you have graphics design skills or know someone who does, please submit your designs to me at BarefootTJ@TheBarefootRunners.org. The submission phase of the contest will take place until the end of this month, then we will put those designs to a vote. The winner will receive a tee shirt with their design on it along with a pair of Xero Shoes (winner's choice). The runner-up will receive a Xero Shoes DIY kit. For more info about the tee shirt contest, please visit https://www.thebarefootrunners.org/threads/2017-ibrd™-tee-shirt-design-contest-is-on.20175/


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